Card reader authentication

Most Konica Minolta MFPs support USB-attached card readers. Contact Konica Minolta Support to determine which card readers are compatible with your MFP and if any firmware upgrades are required.

When the user authenticates through a card reader, the MFP sends the card ID to Output Manager. If a match is found, the authentication service grants access based on the ACL configured for the user for that MFP. The service also provides information about the user, such as the user name and email address. If a match is not found, the MFP enables the user to associate the card to the user name. Subsequent use of the card results in user authentication.

Use the Output Manager Console to configure card login settings. In the Administration application, select Set General Preferences and select the Security tab. Click Help when the Security tab is active for more information on configuring security settings.

During two-phase authentication, the user provides a Personal Identification Number (PIN) after swiping a card. When you configure Output Manager to require two-phase authentication, the MFP prompts the user for the PIN after swiping the card.