How to perform device actions

  1. Browse to the Device Registration Service (for example,
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Select a device.
  4. On the Details toolbar, select an action as described in the following table:
    Action Description
    Register Unified Client
    Registers the Konica Minolta iOption Unified Client on the device. Registration adds a button with the application name to the APP section on the device.
    Note: Because devices are registered while the server is running, it is not necessary to restart the server after adding and registering new devices.
    Unregister Unified Client

    Deregisters the Unified Client from the device. The button with the application name is removed from the application software section on the device.

    Register Authentication

    Registers Unified Client authentication on the device. After you register authentication, the authentication application controls access to the device. End users cannot view the device menus and the application software section until authentication is complete.

    Unregister Authentication

    Deregisters authentication on the device. After you deregister authentication, the device shows the normal menu screen.

  5. Click Perform selected action.