The Ricoh ESA Unified Client merges Output Manager print and AutoStore scan functionality on a Ricoh Multi-Function Device (MFD) or Multi-Function Printer (MFP). Use Device Registration Service to install the Ricoh Unified Client on the device and to configure the device with Output Manager server and AutoStore server settings. Your business requirements determine if your environment uses Output Manager or AutoStore or if your environment uses both Output Manager and AutoStore.

The Ricoh ESA Unified Client supports Output Manager and AutoStore authentication through user name and password, card identification (ID) with an optional personal identification number (PIN), and card swipe with an optional PIN.

The Ricoh ESA Unified Client supports single sign-on (SSO) for the following systems:
  • Adaptable Authentication API (AAA): Ricoh SSO infrastructure.
  • Internal authentication: built-in MFD logon mechanism.
  • Card Authentication Package (CAP): Card logon product from Ricoh.

The Ricoh ESA Unified Client can collect accounting data to enable you to track usage for up to three billing accounts.