How to configure LDAP and user authentication at a device

This task explains how to configure LDAP and user authentication at the device.

  1. Verify that external authentication is turned off as described in Select functions for access control.
  2. Verify that Enhanced External Charge Unit Management functions are not selected.
    For information about configuring these functions, see Select functions for access control.
  3. Configure the LDAP server required for authentication:
    1. On the MFP console, press the User Tools hard key or soft key on the Smart Operation Panel.
    2. Press System Settings > Administrator Tools.
    3. Page down and press Program / Change / Delete LDAP Server.
      Administrator Tools
    4. Press Program > Change and press the LDAP server that you want to configure.
    5. Configure LDAP server settings.

      Contact your system administrator for the server settings for your environment.

    6. Press OK to return to Administrator Tools.
  4. Set user authentication to the LDAP server:
    1. Press Administrator Tools.
    2. Page down and press Administrator Authentication Management.
      Administrator Tools tab
    3. Press Administrator Authentication Management, press On next to Admin. Authentication, and press OK.
    4. On the Administrator tab, press User Authentication Management > LDAP Auth.
    5. Next to LDAP Servers, select the LDAP server that you configured and press Next.
    6. For Copier, press None > Next.
    7. Next to Other Functions, turn off Document Server, Facsimile, and Scanner, and press OK.
  5. Optional: On the Administrator Tools tab, press Enhanced Authentication Management > On > OK.
    This setting affects the device logon screen but not the operation of Output Manager.
  6. Restart the device.