How to configure login methods

This procedure describes how to configure the login methods for Output Manager users.

  1. Start the Output Manager console and connect to the server.
    To start the console, select Start > NSi > NSi Output Manager Console > Output Manager Console.
  2. Click the Administration application.
  3. In the Administration options, click Set General Preferences.
  4. In the Administration - Set General Preferences settings, click the Security tab.
    Administration - Security tab
  5. Select options in the External client login section as described in the following table:
    Option Description
    Allow user name / password

    The user can log in by entering user name, password, and selecting a domain.

    Allow card swipe

    The user can log in through a card swipe. The user must also enter a PIN if Require PIN with card swipe is selected.

    Allow manual card ID entry

    The user can log in by entering an ID. The user must also enter a pin if Require PIN with manual entry is also selected.

    Allow unmasked card ID

    The card ID will be readable as it is entered. If you clear this check box, the card ID will be masked.

    Default manual login method
    Select the default user login method:
    • Card ID Entry
    • User Name/Password
    Require PIN with card swipe

    Users must also enter a pin when using a card swipe.

    Require PIN with card ID entry

    Users also enter a PIN when using manual card ID entry.

  6. Click Apply.
  7. Restart Output Manager.