How to configure billing accounts

This procedure describes how to configure billing accounts and scan properties for Output Manager users.

  1. Start the Output Manager Console and connect to the server.
    To start the console, click Start > NSi > NSi Output Manager Console > Output Manager Console.
  2. Click the Administration application.
  3. In the Administration options, click Manage Billing Accounts.
  4. In the Administration - Manage Billing Accounts settings, you can create or edit a billing list and its billing accounts.
    Administration - Manage Billing Accounts
  5. You can create secondary billing accounts under the main accounts.
    Administration - Secondary billing accounts

The following steps associate the billing lists to users:

  1. Click the Administration application again, and in the Administration options, click Manage Users.
  2. In Administration - Manage Users, select a user and click the Device Profile column to select or edit an existing profile or to create a new profile.
    Manage Device Profiles
  3. In a profile, you can create a single billing list, two billing lists, or one primary list and one secondary list.
    Edit Device Profile
  4. Click OK.
You do not need to restart the Ricoh ESA Unified Client. Users see the changes after their next login.