How to configure copy quotas

This procedure describes how to configure the copy quota for a user.

  1. Start the Output Manager Console and connect to the server.
    To start the console, click Start > NSi > NSi Output Manager Console > Output Manager Console.
  2. Click the Administration application button.
  3. In the Administration options, click Manage Users.
  4. In the Administration - Manage Users pane, click the Balances tab.
    Administration - Manage Users
  5. For a user, select the check box in the Set Balance column, and click the browse button (...) in the Allowances Profile column to create or edit profiles.
    Manage Allowances Profiles
  6. Click New or Edit to set allowances for print and copy.
    Edit Allowances Profiles
  7. Click OK to save changes to the profile and then click Close.
  8. Click the profile list the Allowances Profile column to assign the allowances profile to the user.
    Administration - Manage Users
You do not need to restart the Ricoh ESA Unified Client. Users see the changes after their next login.