Login settings

This topic describes settings that control the Ricoh ESA Unified Client login to Output Manager.

The Ricoh ESA Unified Client login is configured in the Output Manager Console by the External client login options (see Configure logon methods).

External client login options

The External client login The settings define three login methods and two PIN options:

After you change login settings on the Output Manager server, restart the Ricoh ESA Unified Client to implement the changes. Depending on the selections in the External client login settings, users see different login options at the Ricoh ESA Unified Client.

Typically, all three login methods are enabled. Depending on the default login method selected at the Output Manager server, the user sees either the user name and password login or the manual card ID entry login.

Figure 1. User name/password login screenUser name/password login screen
Figure 2. Manual ID entry login screenManual ID entry login screen

A user can press Switch to switch between these to methods. If one of the methods is not enabled, the switch button does not appear. For example:

Figure 3. Manual ID entry disabledManual ID entry disabled

Since the Card Swipe Login is always available, there is no need to switch to it and it cannot be specified as a default login method in the Output Manager server. When Card Swipe Login is the only method enabled, the screen prompts to swipe a card.

Figure 4. Card Swipe login onlyCard Swipe only

The following screen shows when no login method is available.

Figure 5. No login method availableNo login method available

The user name, password, and card ID or PIN are entered using a soft keyboard.

Figure 6. Soft keyboardSoft keyboard unmasked

When the Allow unmasked card ID check box is cleared, the entry is obscured as the user types characters.

Figure 7. Soft keyboard with maskSoft keyboard with mask