Quota management

This topic describes how to enable quota management on a device.

Configure the following to have Output Manager to use quota management:

Do this See
Enable external authentication

Configure a device for external authentication

Set manageLogin to external
Set the allowance profile

Configure copy quota for users

Note: Output Manager cannot do quota management on 2.x devices, as they do not support external authentication.

Quota is checked at login time, and during and after a copy session. After the limit is reached, the Ricoh ESA Unified Client issues a command to stop copy. The command turns off all device functions, including copy, scan, and fax. Depending on the device capabilities, it may continue copying pages before its functions are turned off. The Ricoh ESA Unified Client shows the following screen on the device:

Set key card prompt

Output Manager also issues error beeps and shows a quota reached message:

Set key card prompt