Configure AutoStore

Configure the authentication for the Ricoh ESA component to work with AutoStore or Output Manager authentication.

  1. In AutoStore Process Designer, add the Ricoh ESA capture component to a task.
  2. Double-click the component.
  3. On the Authentication tab, select the Authentication type value as follows:
    • For authentication through Output Manager, select None.

    • For authentication through AutoStore:
      • If Authentication is set to OM Authentication in the device Details pane in Device Registration Service, select an authentication type that resolves login information to user names on the Output Manager server. Do not select None.
      • If Authentication is set to AutoStore Authentication, select any authentication type.
  4. Configure settings for the selected authentication type.
    Refer to the Ricoh ESA component Help for more information.
  5. Optional: Configure options required by the workflow on the other tabs.
  6. Click OK.