Single sign-on under AAA

The AAA infrastructure requires a provider that can broadcast the authority login information to listeners.

Figure 1. AAA infrastructure for single sign-onAAA infrastructure for single sign-on

To configure the Ricoh ESA Unified Client as the AAA authority, follow these steps:

  1. In Device Registration Service, select the device in the Devices pane.
  2. In the Details pane, set Authentication to OM Authentication with Device Access Control or OM Authentication.
  3. Set OM Enable SSO Provider to True.
  4. Install the Ricoh Unified Client as described in Install the Unified Client.

    When the above flag is turned on, both the Unified Client Xlet and the SSO provider servlet are installed on the device. Device actions such as Start and Stop apply to both applications.

To configure the Unified Client as a AAA listener, set Authentication to External AAA Provider. The Unified Client listens to AAA login and logout events through Output Manager or AutoStore depending on whether Enable Print Release is set to True or False.