How to configure SNMPv3 settings

This procedure explains how to configure the device SNMPv3 settings that are required for using SNMPv3 with the Ricoh ESA Unified Client.

  1. Log on to the Web Image Monitor application as an administrator.
  2. Click Device Management > Configuration.
  3. Click SNMPv3 under Network.
  4. Configure SNMPv3 settings as described in the following table:
    Setting Description
    Account Name(User) Specifies the user account that the device uses for SNMPv3.
    Authentication Password(User) Specifies the password for the user account.
    Encryption Password(User) Specifies the password that the device uses for encryption.

    Use the same settings when you add a Ricoh ESA device in Device Registration Service and configure it for SNMPv3.

    Refer to the Ricoh device documentation for more information on other device settings.