Secure Print page

This page first appears after a user logs in to the Xerox Unified Client.

The page initially shows unprinted print jobs for the current user. Press View Printed Jobs to view a list of released print jobs.

Secure Print page


Button Description
View Printed Jobs

Shows a list of printed documents. The documents are in a retained state and may have an expiration period as configured by the Output Manager administrator.

View Job Info

Switches to a page that shows more information about selected documents. Press Done to return to the documents view.


Routes the selected documents to the MFD and releases them for printing.

Print All

Routes and releases all of the unprinted documents.


Permanently deletes selected documents. The user can cancel this action.


Adjusts print preferences for the selected documents. Press Done to return to the documents view. Any changes are submitted to Output Manager. Pressing Cancel returns to the documents view without submitting changes to Output Manager.

Command buttons

Button Name Description
Scan image

Scan image

Switches to the AutoStore capture component. Output Manager passes the login credentials for the current user to AutoStore. Depending on AutoStore settings, AutoStore accepts or rejects the credentials.

Print button


Switches to Output Manager.

Logout button


Ends the Unified Client session and returns to the login screen.

Exit button


Closes the Xerox Unified Client application.