Card reader authentication

The Xerox EIP Unified Client component supports card reader authentication.

If the MFD supports card readers, you can configure card reader authentication for the Xerox EIP Unified Client. The primary reader types are proximity card readers and magnetic stripe card readers. Contact Xerox Support to determine which card readers are compatible with the MFD and if firmware upgrades are required.

You configure card reader authentication through the Administration application in the Output Manager Console. Select Set General Preferences and select the Security tab. Select Allow card swipe to enable the feature. Click Help on the Security tab for more information.

Two-phase authentication requires a personal identification number (PIN) after a card swipe. Enable two-phase authentication by selecting Require PIN with card swipe on the Security tab in the Output Manager Console.

Proximity card readers require the user to pass a proximity card to initiate the authentication process. The event is communicated to the authentication service on the embedded web server along with the card ID. If a match is found, the authentication service grants access and provides information about the user such as user name and email address. If a match is not found, the user is given the opportunity to provide additional authentication data to enable a new proximity card for future use.

Magnetic stripe cards typically contain more information than a proximity card. They store data in different formats. The Xerox EIP Unified Client includes a financial card parser that allows Output Manager to identify the user or give the user the option to register the card.