How to import users or groups with a recurring task

This procedure describes how to create a recurring task to import users or groups.

You can choose to create a recurring task from either the User/Group Import Wizard or by clicking Tools > Schedule Manager in the Output Manager Console window.

  1. Select the new import job from the jobs list and click the Modify button.
  2. Optional: You can define your own name and description
  3. Click the Schedule tab to adjust the schedule.
    By default the import is scheduled to occur every day, at the time of day it was originally created.
  4. Click the Modify button to modify the schedule.
    You can define a simple schedule of minutes, hours, days, or weeks. You can also define a more complex daily schedule. Finally, you can define the most complex monthly schedule. Set the range of recurrence to define the starting and ending time, if applicable.
  5. Click the Save Edit button to save the schedule changes.
  6. Click the Tasks tab to redefine or edit the import task.
  7. Select the import task and press the Modify button.
    This displays a task summary page.
  8. To modify the task, click the User Import Wizard button, and refer to help topics for the User/Group Import Wizard for further guidance.