How to Add an LDAP User or Group

Perform this procedure to add an LDAP user or group.

LDAP groups can only include LDAP users.

  1. Depending whether you want to add an LDAP user or group, complete one of the following procedures:
    To add an Do this
    LDAP user On the Users tab or in the User and Group Selection dialog box, click More Users and then click Add LDAP User. This opens the LDAP User dialog box.
    LDAP group In the Groups tab, click More Groups and then click Add LDAP Group. This opens the LDAP Group dialog box.
  2. You can select an existing LDAP server or define a new LDAP server.
    To Do this
    Select an existing server
    • Click the server name in the LDAP server box.

      You can modify the server by clicking the Modify button.

    Define a new server
    1. Click New to open the LDAP Server dialog box.
    2. In the Server Type list, click Microsoft Active Directory Server or Generic LDAP Server.
    3. In the Server Description box, enter a name to identify this server.
    4. In the Server Address box, enter the DNS (Domain Name System) name of the server.
    5. In the Port box, enter the standard IP port for the LDAP server.
    6. In the Login ID box, enter the DN (distinguished name) of a user with administrative permissions.
    7. In the Password box, enter the password for this user.
    8. Click Verify Connection to confirm that a connection can be established using this information.

      You will see either Success or Failure next to the button.

    9. After verifying the connection, click OK.
  3. Specify the LDAP user or group DN (distinguished name). You can either enter the DN into the box or click Browse or do the following to browse for the DN:
    1. Click the Browse button.
      This opens the Browse LDAP Server dialog box.
    2. In the Base DN box, type the DN (distinguished name) of the entry to begin the search.
    3. In the Filter box, specify criteria to use in the search.
      You can enter a filter or click the arrow to search the list of existing filters.
    4. Click Search.
    5. Click the pertinent entry in the tree view of the LDAP directory, and then click this user’s DN entry in the grid.
    6. Click OK.
  4. If you want to change any of the LDAP detail information for the Output Manager environment, do one of the following:
    For Do this
    LDAP users To change the user name, display name, or email address, or to select an existing department, select Override LDAP data. The boxes will be made available for entry. You do not need to activate the override function to define a new department. Click New and the Department dialog box is displayed.
    LDAP groups To change the group name, display name, or email address, select the Override LDAP data check box.
  5. Click OK.