How to add an Output Manager User

Use this procedure to add an Output Manager user.

  1. From the Users tab or the User and Group Selection dialog box, click More Users, and then click Add OM User.
    This opens the OM User dialog box.
  2. In the User name box, type the user name, and in the Full name box type the full name of the user.
  3. In the Password and Confirm password boxes, type the user password that will be used when logging on to the server.
  4. In the Email address box, type an email address for the user.
  5. If this user is a member of a department, either click the Department box and select one of the existing departments or click New to create a department in the Department dialog box.
  6. Configure the following options for the account:
    Option Description
    User must change password at next logon Specifies whether the user must change the password at the next logon.
    Password never expires Specifies whether the password will never expire.
    Account is disabled Specifies whether the selected account is disabled.
  7. Click OK.