How to Convert Windows Queues (Advanced Mode)

Complete this procedure to covert existing Windows queues to Output Manager sources and destinations using advanced mode.

  1. In the Output Manager Console, click Tools > Device Wizard.
  2. Select Convert Windows Queues on one or more Print Servers and Advanced mode.
  3. On the Print Server Selection page, select the Server that contains the Windows queues you want to convert, then click Next.
    Only servers with the Output Manager Input Service running will be listed in the grid. If the server you want is not listed, start/install the Output Manager Input Service on that server and try again.
  4. On the Windows Queues page, configure the grid as necessary, and when finished, click Next.
    You can choose to create a source and/or destination for each queue.
    • If you select Create Source, select File Store and Source Group to be associated with the new source.

      All file stores defined in the Set General Preferences Utility are displayed. The new source will use the same name as the Windows queue.

    • If you select Create Destination, select the Destination Server, Destination Type, and Destination Group.

      The new destination will use the same name as the Windows queue. However, the Destination Name column can be used to build the name to use for the new destination. To build the name, you can type in the box, right-click to use the context menu to insert variables, or use a combination of both typing and right-clicking.

    • You can edit the Location and Comment columns as needed. These values will show up in the new source and destination in Output Manager.
    • By default, the Create single destination for multiple queues when possible check box is selected.

      This will create a single Output Manager destination when multiple printers/ports share the same IP address and queue name or port number. If this is not selected, new Output Manager destinations are created for each queue converted.

  5. On the Confirmation of Action page, click Convert to convert the Windows queues.
    When the conversion is complete, the Device Wizard Log dialog box displays. You can save the log file by clicking Save
  6. Click Finish.