How to Order Document Property Profiles

Complete this procedure to order document property profiles.

You can determine the order in which the configured profiles are used when a document is received, and what the default static value is if no data is found in the respective header. The mapping order can be configured for each document property.

  1. From the Document Properties Profile dialog box, in the grid, click in the Mapping Order column for the Output Manager document property.
    This displays a configuration grid below the cell.
  2. Use the following procedures to configure the mapping order.
    • Configure the order in which headers are processed by selecting the appropriate rows and clicking the Up and Down buttons.
    • To enter a default static value, click in the Mapping/Value cell next to Static Value and either type or select the value.

      This static value is used if no data is found in the preceding headers. The static value by default is the value for that document property in the source’s Document properties tab.

  3. Click OK to create the document profile.