Assigning a Notification Profile

Use this procedure to assign a notification profile to documents.

Notification profiles will send notifications when specific events occur in the document life cycle. Notifications are sent according to defined notification profiles. Notification profiles specify which events generate notifications (document arrives, prints successfully, prints on failover destination, or is in error state), the type of notification for each event (email or pop-up), the text of notifications for each event, and who should get notified. For example, you can configure a pop-up to display after a document prints successfully.

  1. In the Documents grid, select one or more documents.
  2. Right-click the selection and click Assign Profiles > Assign Notification Profile.
    This opens the Set Notification Profile dialog box.
  3. In the Profile list, select the appropriate notification profile, or click New to create one using the Notification Profile dialog box.

    Complete the following steps to create a notification profile.

    1. Click New.
      This opens the Notification Profile dialog box.
    2. Specify the library profile Name and Description.
    3. If this profile will send email notifications, select the Email profile that will be used with those notifications.
      You can select an email profile from the list or click the Browse button and mange profiles from the Manage Outbound Email Profiles dialog box. From this dialog box you can create and modify email profiles using the Outbound Email Profile dialog box.
    4. Click directly in the Notifications grid to configure the notifications that will be sent. You will need to configure each grid column. You can add and remove notifications (grid rows) using the Add and Remove buttons.
      • When the document — Select when a notification will be sent. You can choose to send a notification when a document Arrives, Prints Successfully, Prints on Failover Destination, or Is In Error State.
      • Send notification via — Select how the notification will be sent and displayed. You can choose to send notifications using the Tray Client Pop-up or as an Email Message.
      • Notify owner — Choose if the document owner will be sent a notification.
      • Recipients — Click the Browse button to select who will receive the notification. You can select users and groups from the User and Group Selection dialog box. If the user or group you want is not listed, click More Users to search for additional users. See the Adding users and groups to Output Manager topic for detailed procedures on adding users.
      • Message — Enter the notification text. You can insert document properties and functions in the body text. To insert document properties, right-click in the text box, select Insert Document Property, and choose the appropriate properties. Document properties will display enclosed in brackets ([]). The values of the properties will display in the notification. To insert functions, right-click in the box, click Insert Function, and choose the appropriate function. Review the Using Output Manager Functions help topic for information on configuring functions.
    5. Click OK.
  4. After you have selected your profile, click OK.