How to Manage Document Packages

The Package Manager is used to manage which documents are contained in a package. “Package” is an Output Manager concept used as a means of grouping documents together for the purposes of routing to a destination as a group, running ad hoc rules on the group, and so forth. By default, each document arriving in Output Manager will be the only document in its own package bearing the same name as the document.

  1. To open the Package Manager, in the Documents list, first select one or more documents
  2. Right-click the selection and click Package Management.
    Only the packages associated with the selected documents will be available for management.
Completing this procedure opens the Package Manager dialog box.
Use the following procedure to move documents from one package to another, remove documents from a package to be in a separate package, and create new packages.

To create packages

  1. Click New Package.
  2. Type the package name in the dialog that displays and click OK.
The new package is added to the bottom of the Packages list.

To remove documents from packages

  1. In the Package documents list, select the documents you want to remove.
  2. Click the > button.
The documents are removed from the package and placed in the Removed documents list.

To add documents to packages

  1. In the Packages list, select the package to which you want to add documents.
  2. Click the < button.
The documents are added to the selected package.

To move documents between packages using drag-and-drop

  1. In the Package documents list, select the documents you want to move.
  2. Click and drag the selected documents to the desired package in the Packages list.