How to Manually Route Documents to a Destination

Use this procedure to manually route documents to destinations from the Output Manager Console.

  1. In the Documents grid, select one or more documents
  2. Right-click the selection and click Route to destination.
  3. Select one or more destinations in the tree.
  4. Use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to select multiple destinations.
    Destination groups cannot be selected. To quickly locate a destination, you can search using the search box below tree.
  5. Determine if you need to select the Enable offline destinations check box.
    If you route a document to a destination that is offline, selecting this option will automatically bring the destination online to receive the document. You can determine the offline destinations by looking at the images in the tree. The images for offline destinations are gray with a red no symbol (for example, an offline folder destination would display as Offline Folder Destination).
  6. Click OK.
    Note: You can automatically route to a destination by including a default destination in the source configuration and creating a business rule to route to a destination.