Security Roles

Administrators use Role Manager to add users and groups to roles and to modify the permissions associated with roles.

There are three roles defined in Output Manager:

Document owner
This role the rights of document owners. You can limit or extend the permissions of document owners as needed. For example, an administrator who wants to prohibit document owners from assigning documents to destinations could remove this permission. This role is limited to Documents and Library applications. This role is different in that users/groups are not assigned this role. The Document Owner role intrinsically applies to any user and his/her owned documents.
System administrator
Members of this role by default have access to all aspects of Output Manager. You may only rarely need to modify the permissions associated with the System Administrators role. When you are installing Output Manager, you can use the Output Manager Server Configuration Utility to assign users and groups to the System Administrators role. You can modify the users/groups and permissions as needed using Role Manager. Some permissions cannot be removed from this role to guard against accidentally locking administrators and everyone else out of Output Manager.
Security administrator
This optional role is identical to the System Administrators role except that the permissions associated with configuring security cannot be removed. This role is only used when an organization wants to configure security outside of general system administration.