SNMP Versions and Communication Security

For the Output Manager SNMP service to communicate with a printing device, the security configuration must match between Output Manager and the device.

Output Manager supports SNMP versions 1 (SNMPv1), 2 (SNMPv2c), and 3 (SNMPv3). SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c use a community name for security. The Output Manager SNMP service is installed with a default community name of public. This default community name is used only during device detection and gets stored with the newly created Output Manager device. Subsequent communication with the physical device uses the community name that is stored with the Output Manager device. To change the community name for a device, it must be changed on both the physical device and in the Output Manager Device Configuration dialog.

SNMP communicates with v3-enabled devices with a matching user name and authentication password and protocol configured between the devices and Output Manager. To encrypt the data being communicated, use a matching encryption password and protocol.

Note: If Output Manager does not communicate with devices through SNMPv3 with matching user names, authentication passwords, and protocols, include a context name in the configuration settings.

SNMPv3 also has global configuration settings (when configuring the SNMP service) to communicate with all devices. You can override SNMPv3 communication settings for each device with the Output Manager Device Configuration dialog box to match the communication settings for the physical device.