How to add a department

Perform this procedure to add and configure a department.

  1. In the Output Manager Console navigation pane, select the Administration application.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Manage Users.
    This opens the Manage Users utility in the right panel.
  3. Click the Departments tab.
  4. Under the Departments grid, click Add.
    This opens the Department dialog box.
  5. Type the name of the new department in the Department name box.
  6. In the Select users grid, choose each user that you want to add to the new department by selecting the check box column for the user.
  7. When you finish adding users, click the > button to move selected users into the Department members grid. You can click the >> button to move all users.
    To remove users from the department, select the check box column for users in the Department members grid and click the < button. This returns selected users to the Select users grid. You can click the << button to remove all users.
  8. When you are finished adding users to the new department, click OK.
  9. Use the following procedures to configure departments on the Departments tab.