Receiving Documents from a LPD Connection

Complete this procedure to create LPD sources. Documents received by the specified email account will be routed to Output Manager. Documents received by this source will be routed to Output Manager.

  1. In the Sources tree, right-click the source group (folder) where you want to add sources and click New Source.
    This opens the Add Source dialog box.
  2. In the Type list, select LPD.
  3. Next to Add new devices, enter the number of sources you want to create.
    You can create a single LPD source or create multiple LPD sources and configure them simultaneously.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Configure the general settings.
    For multiple source configuration, this is configured on the General tab.
    1. Enter the source Name.
    2. In the Server list, click the Output Manager server where the Output Manager Input Service is located for this source.
      The source does not have to be on the same server as the Output Manager Input Service.
    3. Enter any Comments or Location information for the source.
    4. Optional: To change the large source image that displays when configuring a single source, you can click Select Image and choose the appropriate image file (BMP, JPEG, or PNG).
      The selected image will be compressed and scaled to 96x96 pixels. Changing this image will not change the smaller image that displays or the image that displays in the source tree. To change the image back to the default, click Reset Image.
  6. Configure the LPD settings.
    Configuration Method
    Single source configuration Use the LPD settings tab.
    Multiple source configuration Use the LPD settings (Bulk Configuration) tab.
    1. Enter the Port number for the host.
      The default value is 515.
    2. Enter the IP address for the host.
    3. In the Default queue list, click the queue which will process all requests made to unrecognized queues.
      All defined LPD queues are listed.
    4. Specify the Temp folder location where files are transferred into during the LPD session.
      When a session is complete, the files are put in the file store.
  7. Configure the LPD queues.
    The LPD queues table lists all defined LPD queues. Select or clear check boxes in the Enabled column to enable or disable the LPD queues. To create a new LPD queue, click Add and complete the following steps from the LPD queue settings tab.
    For multiple source configuration, this is configured by clicking on the browse button ....
    1. Specify the Queue name.
    2. Determine the selections for the following check box options:
      Option Description
      Enabled Determines if the queue is available to receive documents. This option is selected by default.
      Allow Restart Accepts or rejects the restart command to reset a particular queue. This option is selected by default.
      Allow LPQ Determines if the LPQ command line can be used to view the print queue for your current login name.
      Allow LPRM Determines if the LPRM command line can be used to remove files in the print queue that were submitted under your current login name.