How to use the NSi Universal Postscript Driver

To use the driver, perform the following steps.

  1. Install the Input Service on your network’s print server.
  2. Create a shared printer using the NSi Universal PostScript Driver and NSi Job Monitor Port.
    Note: These steps may vary slightly by operating system.
    1. Open Devices And Printers. (Note: until a Windows Queue source has been created for this printer, the port is unable to send data to OM. Therefore, the Print Test Page feature will now work until after the Windows Queue source has been setup.)
    2. Click Add Printer.
    3. Select Add A Local Printer.
    4. Select Create New Port, select NSi Job Monitor from the drop down, and click Next.
    5. Enter a name for the port and click OK.
    6. Select Notable Solutions, Inc. in the manufacturers list, select NSi Universal PostScript Driver in the printers list, and click Next.
    7. Select Use The Currently Installed Driver and click Next.
    8. Enter a name for the printer and click Next.
    9. Select Share This Printer (recommended), set shared name (usually the same as the printer name), and click Next.
    10. Click Finish.
  3. Create a Windows Queue source in OM to receive documents printed through the driver.
  4. Create as OM destination to output to the target printer.
    See Sending Documents to an IPDS Printer.
    Note: Alternately, the Universal PS Driver Wizard can be used to create printers with the driver, or convert existing printers to use the driver. See Universal PS Driver Wizard for more information.